Holistic Therapies

Adventure Therapy:

Adventure therapy is the use of adventure experiences to improve mental health. My Time Recovery believes that learning how to enjoy life sober is critical in long term sobriety. The practice is flexible in that it can occur indoors or outdoors and in rural or urban settings. By using experiences that are active and changing, adventure therapy mirrors real-life instances that occur outside the therapy session. Individuals learn coping strategies, and interpersonal skills that they can then apply to their lives outside of treatment.n the client is directly involved in the process.

Residential Adventure Therapy Program

(It’s Time to Start Living)

  • Field trips consist of seasonal Northern California beach trails, beautiful Yosemite hikes and views, rockwall and obstacle course challenges, fishing, movies, and more.
  • Fitness center access
  • Nutritional planning
  • Adventure Meditation groups
  • Yoga Therapy

The basic premise, according to the Association for Experiential Education, is that a person can learn more effectively when all senses are engaged in the learning process and when the client is directly involved in the process.


Art therapy as a type of expressive group therapy that assists individuals in expressing their thoughts and feelings that they may not be able to say with words. This therapy is especially helpful for people who have underlying psychological issues related to their addiction, such as a history of abuse. Since creating art is often a nonverbal process, and expands the ways an individual can convey ideas and emotions, art therapy provides an opportunity to explore, understand, and resolve issues in a person’s life that he or she may not feel comfortable talking about in a regular conversation.

Trauma Therapy:
Specialized Program for Treatment of Addiction Trauma

My Time Recovery offers a specialized program for individuals who are struggling from trauma due to traumatic life events, as well as PTSD and addiction. Our Trauma Focus Program specializes in evidence-based, comprehensive trauma-focused therapies that assist in eliminating, and providing long lasting recovery from, the debilitating symptoms of inner turmoil caused by traumatic experiences associated with addiction. Our highly trained professional clinical staff are trained specifically in contemporary trauma therapies and administer treatment in a way that is safe and effective for trauma survivors.

Yoga Therapy:

Yoga therapy will apply wisdom about wellness of mind, body, and spirit to those suffering from or recovering from addiction. Through utilizing breath and conscious movement to emphasize the mind and body connection. This practice will draw from the wisdom of the 12-Steps of recovery to cultivate cognitive and spiritual wholeness.