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Is My Time Recovery Licensed and Accredited?

Yes. My Time Recovery Fresno, CA is a licensed residential facility for detox and residential level of care from DHCS, certified IOP by DHCS and we are Joint Commission Accredited for both locations.

What Can You Expect From My Time Recovery?

Upon arrival to My Time Recovery in Fresno, CA, you can expect kindness, understanding and highly trained professionals. Deciding to change your life isn’t an overnight process, it takes time and cares to change behaviors and patterns. At My Time Recovery we are dedicated to long term sobriety, this includes integrating habits and education about recovery in a warm home-like setting for residential treatment and detox, and a collaborative and goal oriented group setting for day treatment and aftercare.

When you first arrive at My Time Recovery an initial assessment will begin to take inventory of

– Physical and mental health
– Types of substances used
– Family history
– Other variables related to the disease of addiction

Learn about what comes next:

– Detox
– Residential treatment
– Outpatient
– Aftercare

Do You Have a Detox Program?

Yes – My Time Recovery in Fresno, CA does have a detox program. Our detox setting is comfortable, quiet and home-like because we believe that recovery is best facilitated when the addict or alcoholic can relax and focus on getting sober.

Do You Address Dual Diagnosis?

Yes, we believe that mental health and addiction are best treated together as they have the same root cause. When mental health issues are identified as causing continued addiction and not treated together individuals are not receiving a complete continuum of care. At Fresno My Time Recovery we believe if you are struggling with addiction as well as mental health issues, you need a dual diagnosis program to properly recover, without this the addict may fall into a relapse more easily than if admitted to a proper program with access to a medical doctor, psychologist, and trained clinicians.

How Long Is Your Drug Rehab Program?
My Time Recovery in Fresno offers a number of treatment options. Residential in Fresno, CA: 30, 60 or 90 day inpatient residential treatment can be found in a warm home-like setting, allowing for relaxation, private medically supervised detox rooms, group therapy, adventure therapy and many more. Partial Hospitalization in Fresno, CA: this program is our most intensive day treatment program for those who are able to dedicate 5 days a week, 6 hours each day, to their recovery. Intensive Outpatient (IOP) in Fresno, CA: IOP offers 5 days a week for 3 hours daily and 3 days a week for 3 hours daily. Outpatient in Fresno, CA: Outpatient programs offers 2 days of care for 1.5 hours daily.
Do You Accept Medi-Cal Insurance?

Unfortunately, we do not have the contract with Medi-cal but we can send you resources of rehabs that take that insurance in the Fresno area. We accept private insurance (PPO) and private pay. If cash pay is an option, we can go over that with you as well.

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