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Affordable Alcohol Rehab in Fresno, CA

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How many times have you tried to stop drinking on your own? For most people with a substance abuse problem, that number is a big one. There are no reliable statistics for this information but ask any recovering addict and they will likely tell you that it took them many, many times to get clean and sober. They will also likely tell you that they weren’t able to do it alone – they had to seek professional help from an alcohol rehab center.

Why You Need an Alcohol Rehab in Fresno

Addiction is a disease, and as such, it usually takes a variety of things to achieve remission from it. Of course, you will hear stories of people who are able to beat addictions on their own, but that is not the norm. Most addicted people who succeed in sobriety do so with some sort of treatment and with the help of professionals who are knowledgeable about addiction.

Addiction is complex, it affects brain chemistry, and it takes more than just willpower to stop using. When a person becomes addicted to drugs or alcohol, the brain is altered in such a way that makes it nearly impossible to stop using or drinking. When an addict uses drugs or drinks alcohol, the brain is flooded with an excess amount of dopamine, which is a “feel-good” neurotransmitter. An addict’s brain will want to repeat the actions that brought on the pleasurable feelings. Over time, the pleasure center of the addicted brain will run unrestrained, making using or drinking the individual’s main priority. This makes thinking logically impossible and many times the addicted person lacks the ability to be aware of impending negative consequences.

Do Alcohol Rehab Programs in Fresno Actually Help Addiction?

The short answer to this is yes. The long answer is more complicated. While there are many people who complete treatment and still relapse, it’s believed that receiving help from addiction treatment programs is progressive. In other words, when you have been through treatment, had access to education, learned new coping skills, and therapy, but then still relapse, you don’t lose all that you learned. Sometimes it takes more than one period of treatment to get, and stay, sober. In fact, it usually does.

Some of the benefits of seeking help from alcohol rehab facilities with addiction treatment professionals are as follows:

– Medically-supervised detoxification: The professionals at rehab centers know how to help you detox safely from drugs or alcohol. It can be very dangerous, even life-threatening, to attempt detox alone.
Understanding staff – Many of the addiction professionals who work in treatment centers are in recovery themselves, so they have been in your shoes and can relate to what you’re going through. It’s comforting to have that type of understanding.
– Around-the-clock support: There is always someone supportive to talk to at any time, day or night while you are in treatment.
– Therapy: Residential rehabs generally offer both individual and group therapy for clients with therapists who specialize in addiction therapy.
– Psychiatric Care: Many addicted people have underlying mental health issues and may need psychiatric care and medication as part of treatment.

Coping skills – Therapists and other addiction professionals often provide lectures or teach classes that cover developing new coping skills. People who are addicted to drugs or alcohol often only have one tool for dealing with life – using drugs or drinking alcohol. Addiction treatment professionals provide other options to deal with challenges; knowledge that those in recovery can take with them when they return to normal life.

Relapse prevention techniques – A substantial amount of time in rehab is spent educating clients about relapse prevention techniques and strategizing about how to live life after rehab.

Aftercare – Most rehab facilities provide aftercare programs for clients who complete their treatment programs. The aftercare programs are usually facilitated by therapists or other addiction treatment professionals from the facilities and they provide continuing support in recovery for clients.

Deciding on the Best Affordable Fresno Alcohol Rehab Center for You

When you look at the above list and think about how much knowledge and support there is when you work with addiction treatment professionals, you can see that seeking help from a rehab facility is truly beneficial. With help, your recovery from addiction will still not be easy, but it will be easier because you will have ample support to get you through the rough times. You will also receive treatment for underlying psychological or psychiatric conditions. For many people in recovery, taking care of those things – therapy for any disorders, and medication to correct brain chemistry – makes a significant difference in cravings and urges to self-medicate.

As you are deciding which addiction treatment facility to attend, it’s important that you understand the financial aspects of going to treatment. The first step is to check with your health insurance provider to see exactly what your benefits will and will not cover. You don’t want to enter your recovery with the added worry of how you’re going to pay for your treatment weighing on you.

The next step is to talk to your employer about your plans to attend rehab. While many people in this situation don’t want their employers to find out about their addiction, it’s usually necessary to consult with benefits departments to discuss the details of a leave of absence and other information needed to attend rehab. It’s important to understand that there are regulations and laws that protect your job when you take a leave of absence to attend addiction treatment. The Family Medical Leave Act is something you should become familiar with, as well as short-term disability benefits. If you qualify for those benefits, you may even be able to continue to receive a partial paycheck while you are attending a rehab program.

Don’t assume that because you don’t have stellar health insurance benefits that you can’t afford to go to rehab. The admissions professionals at rehab facilities will help you explore what your insurance covers, and how you best to attend treatment without experiencing financial hardship.

At My Time Recovery, we have addiction treatment professionals to guide you through treatment and get you started on your recovery from drug or alcohol addiction. If you are considering rehab for yourself or a loved one, please contact us today, we can answer any questions and address your concerns about addiction treatment.