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Residential Care (RTC)


Personalized Residential Care Program in Fresno County, CA

My Time Recovery offers 30, 60, and 90 days of state-of-the-art, evidence-based residential treatment program. Our professionally designed program breaks down the walls of addiction while balancing the importance of learning to enjoy a sober lifestyle.

During residential treatment clients will receive DBT (dialectical behavioral therapy), free time to rest and let their body and mind heal, education, healthy meals as well as recovery meetings offsite.

Our program is a family owned, locally grown, and passionate treatment center in a warm home-like setting. Just minutes away from world-class hospitals and resources.

We provide beautiful private rooms and semi-private rooms; we know that your best chance for recovery occurs in a residential setting in a relaxing and caring environment.

Our highly qualified clinical team is equipped to provide a safe and comfortable stay.

During your time at My Time Recovery, staff supervision is something we believe to be of the utmost importance for the highest quality care. These trained and certified individuals are there to assist in developing new patterns for living without a substance. This can be challenging for many addicts, but also an integral part of the relapse prevention process. To aid in this transition we create a structure that will hopefully turn in to a habitual practice of healthy behaviors and routine.

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Residential Care (RTC) Program Highlights

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The Experience

Treatment Therapies​

My Time

Physical therapy is a hollistic activities that can quickly help reduce stress and emotional pain from long term substance abuse.


Adventure therapy is an actively engaged client experience to improve mental health. We believes that learning how to enjoy life sober…


Yoga therapy will apply wisdom about the wellness of mind, body, and spirit to those suffering from or recovering from addiction. Through utilizing breath…


Sound therapy provides the space for integration, bringing the mind and body into a profound level of peace and inner quiet.


Specialized Program for Treatment of Addiction Trauma My Time Recovery offers a specialized program for individuals who are struggling..


EDMR Eye Movement Desensitization and reprocessing (EDMR) therapy helps to treat the emotional symptoms that occur following trauma…


We prioritize personalized care and holistic healing to meet the unique needs of our clients, overall well-being and individualized treatment.


Art therapy is an expressive therapy that assists individuals in expressing thoughts and feelings which can not be say with words.

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