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Preparing for Drug and Alcohol Detox in Fresno, CA

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If you have made the choice to seek help for your drug or alcohol addiction, the first step is often detoxification or detox. This is the process in which your body is rid of the drug that you are addicted to, and it’s essential to get you started in recovery.

How do you prepare for going to detox?

There are some things that you should know ahead of time, but first, you have to determine if detox is necessary for you.

Do You Need to Go to Drug Detox in Fresno?

Detox is generally necessary when a person is physically dependent on a drug or alcohol. Dependency is a complicated issue, so a comprehensive substance abuse evaluation will be completed by the facility’s intake coordinator or other staff. This will help you understand if and why you need to go to detox. If you are dependent on your drug of choice, and you have a desire and willingness to change that, then you will likely be offered admission into a detox treatment program.

There are some circumstances in which detox is necessary even though a thorough assessment cannot be completed. Those situations include:

– During an emergency admission to a hospital when the patient is unresponsive or unable to undergo the evaluation process
– When the patient’s primary focus of treatment is a mental health issue rather than drug or alcohol dependence
– When a patient is too intoxicated to enter directly into inpatient addiction treatment

Why Should You Prepare for Detox?

Preparing for detox is important because it is only the first step of recovery from addiction. So, as you prepare for going to detox, you are really preparing yourself for much more than that. It is typically recommended that after your detox is complete, you attend a residential rehab for continued addiction treatment.

Detox should not be seen as a standalone treatment for chemical dependence and addiction as it is simply the process of removing the drugs or alcohol from your system. You won’t receive enough information and support in detox to learn to live a life of sobriety, and you may be likely to relapse. While you may receive some counseling and addiction education while you are in detox, the real work of recovery begins in residential rehab.

Getting Ready for Your Fresno Drug Detox Program

Be prepared to answer a lot of questions about your drug and alcohol use during your intake appointment. The process can be lengthy, but it’s important that you answer all the questions as thoroughly and honestly as you can to make sure that you receive the best treatment for you. The more the detox staff knows about you, the more they can tailor your treatment to your specific needs.

You should also be prepared to provide your medical history and to have a physical examination before you start the detox program. Again, it’s important to answer thoroughly and honestly. Your medical exam will likely be performed by a doctor or nurse practitioner and is necessary to assess whether you will need treatment for anything other than detox. For example, if you have been using drugs for a long period of time, you may be malnourished and need extra vitamin supplements to help you through detox.

It’s during this time that you will likely be informed about what you can expect for withdrawal symptoms. You may have an idea of how withdrawal feels if you have ever tried to stop using on your own. The good news is, when you attend a detox facility, you may be given medications that will make withdrawal more comfortable than when you try it on your own.

The doctor or nurse practitioner will go over the symptoms with you and talk about possible treatments and prescriptions for your detox. They may be able to give you an idea of how long your detox will take, but because that varies by person and drugs used, it may not be completely accurate. Being aware of what to expect is important because it helps remove some of the fear of the unknown. Even though withdrawal is difficult and sometimes unpleasant, having an idea of what you will go through during detox can be a comfort to you.

Logistics to Consider as You Prepare for Drug Detox In Fresno, California

In addition to preparing for the emotional and medical aspects of going to detox, you have to prepare logistically as well. Before your intake appointment, be sure that you have considered the following items:

Have a plan on how to get to the facility – who will give you a ride, or do you have to manage yourself?

Prepare your home for your absence. Hopefully, you will be attending residential rehab after your detox, so you have to plan on being out of your home for at least a month. If you have children, make sure that you have someone to watch them while you are gone. If you are the one who pays bills in your home, make sure that you have designated someone to manage that for you. Also, don’t forget about finding someone to take care of your pets while you are getting better.

Obtain a list from the detox facility you have chosen of what you should bring with you – clothes, toiletries, etc.
Find out when your family and friends can visit and let them know ahead of time, so they can make plans to see you.
Find out when you will be able to contact your loved ones by phone, so they can be sure to be available.

Ask Questions to Avoid Anxiety

You have made a huge decision to get help for your addiction. That decision alone can be anxiety-provoking. Don’t add to the anxiety by wondering what is going to happen in detox. Ask all the questions you have, no matter how insignificant they may seem to you. When you are armed with information, you will be better equipped to handle this new situation.

At My Time Recovery, we are happy to answer all the questions you have about our detox and residential rehab programs. Let us help you get on the road to recovery.