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Scotty Sample

Scotty Sample

Founder & CEO

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Scotty Sample is the founder and owner of My Time Recovery, LLC. Scotty grew up in the Fresno area and was a student athlete. However, in his teens Scotty found drugs and alcohol. 

After a 12-year battle with addiction, and multiple visits to rehab, Scotty found recovery. Scotty immersed himself in the recovery community, and immediately found that he had a passion for helping others. 

Scotty worked diligently to lead others to the path of recovery and a new way of life. It quickly became evident that his passion for recovery needed to be put to good use, and in 2018 he founded My Time Recovery in Fresno California. 

My Time Recovery has quickly grown to be the premier recovery center in the Central Valley. Scotty ensures each client knows they are not just in recovery, but they are part of the My Time Recovery Family.