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City of Fresno

Fresno’s humble beginnings were in 1872 when it was a railway station of the Central Pacific Railroad. It was incorporated in 1885. Since then the city has become the economic nucleus of the San Joaquin Valley and Fresno County. Surrounding the metropolitan area, you will find a region that is predominantly tied to large-scale agricultural production. Fresno is a growing city, due to its lower cost of living and inexpensive housing market, especially when compared to other California cities like San Francisco and Los Angeles.

Many people love visiting and living in Fresno for various reasons. Besides the low cost of living, Fresno is in a great location in the central part of California. It doesn’t take long to get to the Bay Area or many other cities in town by car, as the city is a hub of numerous freeways heading in all directions. Fresno is a large city that offers many educational opportunities, with numerous public and several private schools for kindergarten through high school. Additionally, it’s a city with various options for college educations, both university and community colleges to chose from.

Fresno is also known for being an artsy, bohemian scene, especially in the Downtown area and Tower District, where it hosts popular events and festivals to bring performing arts to the local community. There are historic theaters, zoos, museums, and events that celebrate the visual arts, as well as the Fresno Philharmonic and the Fresno Grand Opera for music lovers. For an especially artsy area of Fresno, be sure to see the Mural District, where local artists use building as their canvases.

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The city of Fresno is located at the southern portion of California’s Central Valley, in the center of the San Joaquin Valley. It’s a city of just over half a million people, making it the fifth most populous city in the state. Fresno is the approximate geographical center of California and is about three hours from both Los Angeles and the state capital of Sacramento. In the city, you will see an abundance of agricultural production, the area’s main industry. But you will also notice a vibrant art culture in the metropolitan area. There is a lot to see and do in the city and nearby. Fresno provides travelers and residents with a convenient place to stay centrally when visiting California’s national parks.

The city of Fresno is part of the county of the same name and is home to the county seat. Fresno County is home to about one million Californians and is made up of the Fresno-Madera combined metropolitan statistical area.

Fresno County offers a diverse combination of attractions including recreational activities, proximity to national forests and wilderness areas, as well as country farming and agricultural settings and unique entertainment opportunities in the metro area.

What started as a minor stop on the Central Pacific Railroad has become a growing metropolis that attracts agriculture-minded visitors from all over the world. The Fresno metropolitan area is bordered by the county’s farms, which are known for various organic crops including pistachios, almonds, peaches, and tomatoes. You can take agricultural tours, hike along agricultural trails, and visit famer’s markets and farm stores year round.

Fresno isn’t all farming, though. The metro area is bustling and vibrant with an array of cultural attractions like the artsy Rogue Festival that’s held in the Tower District. Additionally, there are numerous restaurants that serve various kinds of cuisine, sporting events with local teams, and other popular events.

For those who love the outdoors and the wilderness, Fresno is located near three national parks. Yosemite National Park is about 60 miles to the north, Sequoia National Park is 75 miles to the southeast, and Kings Canyon National Park is 60 miles to the east.

In Fresno, the summers are hot, arid, and mostly clear, while the winters are cold, wet, and often cloudy. Annual temperatures usually fall between 40°F and 100°F, and rarely fall below 30°F or go above 106°F. There is abundant sunshine in the summer, with the month of July averaging over 96 percent of the total possible daylight hours. On the flip side, December has the lowest amount of sunshine with only 42 percent of daylight hours having sunshine due to tule fog. The best time for visiting Fresno and enjoying warm-weather activities is late May and early October.

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