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Salvation Army Assistance Programs that Help Fresno Residents

The Salvation Army is a Christian charitable organization that works to help people all over the world. It boasts a membership of over 1.7 million officers, soldiers, and adherents that are known as Salvationists. The founders of The Salvation Army (TSA) aimed to bring salvation to the destitute, poor, and hungry by tending to both their physical and spiritual needs. Currently, TSA has a presence in 131 countries, operating shelters for the homeless and running charity stores, as well as providing humanitarian assistance and disaster relief to developing countries. 

In Fresno, California, the presence of the Salvation Army is experienced in a number of ways. The organization’s goal is to offer emergency assistance to those in need in the county. At the Fresno Salvation Army centers, social services and case management staff help individuals and families through various services. Qualified families in Fresno can get help from TSA in the following ways: 

Electric and utility bills – Over the years, the Fresno TSA has helped families keep their electricity on in their homes by assisting with PG&E and other electric bills. 

TSA programs have helped Fresnans facing eviction with their Eviction Prevention services, utility bill assistance, emergency grocery assistance, and government commodity distribution. The organization has provided emergency food to over 100,000 Fresno residents over the last few years. 

The staff at TSA also offer assistance with referrals and help applying for government aid. This includes individuals who need assistance with applications for food stamps, Social Security disability benefits, medical care, as well as helping by writing letters to help individuals receive support from other organizations. 

The children of Fresno receive assistance from TSA in numerous ways. There are thousands of toys and gifts collected for kids in need through the Star Tree program each year. There is also a Coats for Kids drive that TSA participates in along with local television and radio stations to help children keep warm in the winter months. School supplies and uniforms are also given to students in low-income families in the fall. TSA collects donations from the community to ensure that all students have what they need for a successful school year. 

Fresno residents can also turn to the Salvation Army for help with income tax filing, for no fee or low fees. There are two tax programs that help low-income individuals and seniors in the community complete tax forms for state and federal tax returns. The main program is the Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) program, which is overseen by TSA and provided to the two groups mentioned above. The program is staffed by volunteers who are IRS-trained. 

Fresno residents who have a substance abuse problem can get help from TSA. The organization offers more free residential addiction treatment facilities than any other rehab program in America. TSA’s no-cost programs provide housing, food, employment, community, and counseling as it works to treat individuals’ symptoms and root causes of prolonged alcohol and drug abuse.

The Fresno Salvation Army Center operates the Emergency Food and Shelter Program, which is a government-funded assistance program that provides eligible applicants with monetary help. The money that is given can be used for payments of utilities and housing (to prevent eviction) for a 30-day period. 

In the event of a disaster in Fresno County, the Salvation Army will be there to provide relief. The disaster relief program is staffed mostly with volunteers who are trained to help those in need with various types of emergencies. The organization provides food, clothing, shelter, emergency rental help, and financial resources to those affected by disaster. The Salvation Army has multiple mobile units, called Canteens, that are operated in the region. The Canteens offer food including whole meals, snacks, and hot and cold drinks.

The Salvation Army Helps Fresno Families

The Salvation Army helps individuals and families in Fresno, and around the world, with a simple yet comprehensive formula. The organization first assesses the needs of specific communities. It considers the challenges that are native to the area and the hardships residents face. Then TSA works to build the programs that are needed to help those obstacles. And, the Salvation Army does this by investing in the local community. The services TSA offers work to improve residents’ physical, emotional, and spiritual needs. If you need help in Fresno in any of the above ways, the Salvation Army is here for you to turn to.  

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