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Treatment Centers in Fresno County

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With a consistently growing population of almost one million residents, Fresno County, California, it is no surprise that many people face issues with addiction. If you are one of those people, it is important to remember that you don’t have to hit rock bottom to seek help. Treatment centers are always ready and available to those facing addiction at any severity. After taking that first step and deciding to get help, choosing the right treatment center can be a tough decision. Taking the time to learn the differences between treatment centers and weighing out different options is a great idea when looking at rehabilitation. Remember, recovery is personal, and everyone’s journey looks different.

Types of Treatment Centers in Fresno County

When it comes to looking into treatment facilities in Fresno county, it is important to remember that no one’s needs are exactly the same when it comes to treatment. Because of this, there are many different types of treatment available for Fresno residents to choose from.

Cost of attending Treatment Centers in Fresno County

When it comes to choosing a treatment facility in Fresno County, one of the first things to be considered is the cost of treatment. Luckily, most rehabilitation programs in the Fresno area do accept insurance, greatly lowering your out-of-pocket cost. However, insurance sometimes does not completely cover a rehabilitation facility stay, so it is important to check with your insurance provider before enrolling in any programs. In fact, simply call to ask your insurance provider what your benefits are. Substance abuse issues are classified as behavioral health, so if your insurance does not include behavioral health coverage, your rehab stay will come out of your own pocket. If this is the case, your next steps are to call your treatment center and speak to your employer, as they are sometimes able to help uncover additional benefits or determine payment plans.

At My Time Recovery, we accept various insurance plans including Aetna, Anthem, Compsych, and United Healthcare. If you have a different insurance provider or no insurance at all, give us a call to determine your payment options.

What to Expect from a Treatment Facility in Fresno County

There are a number of different things to be expected when entering a Treatment Center in Fresno County. First of all, the beginning of any enrollment process will involve a considerable amount of intake paperwork. The staff at the rehabilitation facility need to learn as much about you and your needs as possible, so they can tailor your treatment to you. You’ll also discuss medical history and get a physical before you begin treatment. After your intake, doctors, therapists, and other staff at the treatment center will work with you to come up with a treatment plan. Treatment plans typically consist of therapy (individual and group), classes or meetings dedicated to learning and developing healthy coping skills and relapse prevention. You will receive psychiatric care from a medical professional. After leaving the program, aftercare is oftentimes provided either by therapists or other professionals at the facility.

Picking Your Treatment Center in Fresno County

Choosing the type of treatment center that is right for you can be hard. It is important to keep in mind the path to recovery is not a straight line, but choosing the right treatment facility is a great starting point.

If any, what types of treatment centers have you attended, and what did you enjoy most about that type of treatment? Feel free to comment below on your experience, you may be able to help others in their decision-making process.

If you or anyone you know is facing substance abuse issues, please contact My Time Recovery for information on how to get help.